The Superior Mechanical Properties of 36NiCr6 Steel Grade

[ad_1] The chemical composition of 36NiCr6 steel grade typically includes:

– Carbon (C): 0.32-0.40%
– Silicon (Si): 0.40% max
– Manganese (Mn): 0.50-0.80%
– Phosphorus (P): 0.025% max
– Sulfur (S): 0.035% max
– Nickel (Ni): 1.50-1.80%
– Chromium (Cr): 0.70-0.90%

These chemical components contribute to the superior mechanical properties of 36NiCr6 steel grade, which include high strength, excellent toughness, good fatigue resistance, and high hardenability. These properties make it suitable for use in demanding engineering applications where a combination of strength and toughness is required.