10CrMo910 Steel: The Ideal Choice for High-Temperature and Pressure Environments

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Mechanical Properties:
– Tensile strength: 450-600 MPa
– Yield strength: ≥280 MPa
– Elongation: ≥22%
– Impact toughness: ≥27 J/cm2

Technical Properties:
– Melting point: 1410-1450°C
– Density: 7.85 g/cm3
– Thermal conductivity: 35 W/m·K
– Electrical resistivity: 0.70-0.85 μΩ·m
– Modulus of elasticity: 190-210 GPa

Chemical Composition:
– Carbon (C): 0.08-0.15%
– Silicon (Si): 0.10-0.35%
– Manganese (Mn): 0.40-0.70%
– Phosphorus (P): ≤0.015%
– Sulfur (S): ≤0.010%
– Chromium (Cr): 2.00-2.50%
– Molybdenum (Mo): 0.90-1.10%
– Vanadium (V): 0.15-0.30%

The 10CrMo910 steel is an alloy steel primarily used in the manufacturing of boilers, pressure vessels, and pipes for high-temperature and pressure environments. Its composition and mechanical properties make it an ideal choice for applications requiring resistance to elevated temperatures, high strength, and good weldability. The steel exhibits excellent tensile strength, yield strength, and impact toughness, ensuring its reliability and safety under extreme conditions. Furthermore, its technical properties, such as high melting point, density, thermal conductivity, and electrical resistivity, contribute to its suitability for high-temperature applications. The specific chemical composition with controlled levels of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium ensures its corrosion resistance, as well as its ability to maintain its mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. Overall, 10CrMo910 steel is an ideal choice for demanding environments requiring high temperature and pressure resistance.