080M15 Steel Grade: A Versatile Option for Diverse Industrial Needs

[ad_1] 080M15 Steel Grade is a low carbon steel that offers excellent mechanical properties, making it a versatile option for diverse industrial needs.

The technical properties of 080M15 Steel Grade include a tensile strength of 350-550 N/mm² and a yield strength of 215 N/mm². It also has a good combination of hardness and toughness, with a hardness range of 160-190 HB and an elongation of 17-25%.

The chemical composition of 080M15 Steel Grade mainly consists of carbon (0.12-0.18%), manganese (0.20-0.40%), and silicon (0.10-0.35%). It also contains small amounts of phosphorus (max 0.05%) and sulfur (max 0.05%). These chemical elements contribute to the steel’s overall strength and mechanical properties.

Overall, 080M15 Steel Grade is a reliable and versatile option for various industrial needs, thanks to its excellent mechanical properties, technical attributes, and well-balanced chemical composition.